It’s never been easier to consistently make an impact 

We know, we know..

You’d want to donate to charity, but you’re short on time, AND money..

No worries, we have your solution

With SocialGive… 

you have the ability to micro-donate toward social causes whenever you favorite or like something, by attributing a set monetary value as low as $0.01 per social media engagement(s)

the 700 million people who engage on social media on a daily basis, now have the ability to make a difference

investing in social impact can now be affordable AND easily integrated into your day to day routine

The benefits of using SocialGive: 


Spread awareness about your favorite causes while having the ability to see what causes your friends and family are supporting

Know exactly which initiatives your donations are going to

No need to compile your tax acknowledgement letters

No more waiting for donation pages to load

No need to find cash, checks, or credit cards every time you want to donate


No more registration forms to fill out each time you want to donate

The Facts

In 2014, $358.38 billion dollars was donated to charitable organizations by individuals in the US. Mobile giving also increased from 9.5% to 13.8%. With the ever growing popularity of smart phones, mobile donations were bound to gain momentum. In the last 5 years, social media usage in the U.S. grew by 150%. In 2016, 78% of U.S. Americans have a social network profile.

Lets Fix That

  • 84% of nonprofits don’t have a mobile optimized site
  • 65% of nonprofits require 3 or more clicks to make a donation
  • 73% of nonprofits don’t have a share option after a donation

Let's Empower You

  • 3.649 billion unique mobile users
  • 1.6 active billion social media accounts
  • 81% smartphone adoption rate for US adults

Let's Change the World

      • Over 150 million users on instagram with 1 billion likes happening each day
      • 1.5 billion users on facebook with over 2.7 billion likes happening each day

With SocialGive, this can amount to over 30.7 million charitable dollars, a day

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to like specific content in order for SocialGive to work?

Nope! That’s the beauty of SocialGive. Continue using social media the way you would have, and we’ll count up your likes and convert them into donations. Watch your grant portfolio grow without having to do any additional task.

Do I have to add all my social media accounts?

Nope! Pick and chose which social media accounts you feel the most comfortable utilizing.

What if I like a lot of pictures on Instagram, will I end up breaking the bank?

With SocialGive you set your own allowances, so you’ll never go over your donation budget.

Don’t be shy

If you are interested in investing in, partnering with, or working for SocialGive to bridge the gap between social impact and social media contact

Founder, CEO

Brandon is an emerging philanthropic professional with diverse experience in the social sector. Through several professional titles, he has gained experience supporting effective philanthropic strategy that increases social impact, donor retention and external/internal engagement. With experience working in nonprofit management and corporate social responsibility, Brandon has woven making a social impact into his professional career. It is his passion to innovate an engaging tool that can enable everyone to consistently and easily make a difference.

Head of Strategic Engagement

Alize Beal is a social-entrepreneur and young philanthropist working to bring change in her community as well as the global world. With over eight years of experience in non-profit and government, Alizé Beal currently serves as the Community Outreach Manager for Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC. She is focused on increasing partnerships with civic and corporate companies, as well as community and professional leaders to increase the number of minority mentors in the program. Alize serves as the Co-Founder of the HBCU Puissance Scholarship Foundation which aids in offsetting the cost of college tuition for NYC high school seniors bound for an Historically Black College or University.

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